i'm torn into pieces

i almost drowning
no more air left for me

i just dont know what to do
it's getting unclear
i'm undone

i'm so lonesome
but it's not about a man or a boyfriend
i just need a friend to hold me down for real
a fiend to share
a friend that listen to me when i'm telling something

maybe it's just another crush on my life
i'm hoping something unreal
i'm hoping that u holding back like the way i do

i'm so lonesome's not about a man or a boyfriend
i dont want another lover at my door
coz it's just another heartache on my list

i'm so lonesome the crowded
at the colleage
where i should be with myfriend but i'm like a stranger between them
that was hurt
they ain listen to me
i should yel out to make them hear
or i should tell them something important for them then they hear me

but again
i know..they will be there when i really need something
they wil help me
that's why i love them
and i'm so scare when they left me
n i'll do anything for them
i'l be by their side when they need something

maybe i'm the selfish one
tell me what should i do
tell me what can i do then you can letting me by your side
tell me i'll do every favor that u might ask

you guys can always come to me
my door is always open

but i'm lonesome
why u just dont hear me?
why u dont do the same way?
am i expecting too much?
i'm sorry for what i've been done to you all
i'm so sorry

i'm just tryin' to do the best
but why i'm so lonesome between you all guys,
am i did something wrong?
why u dont listen to me?

or it's just my selfish feelin'?
i think so
coz u guys still by my side
u guys still do some favor that i asked for
u guys still can laugh for me
u guys still here

i dont care when u guys sometimes left me
i dont care when u didn't listening to me
i dont care every bad thing that u ever did to me
coz i love u
coz i still can be patient
coz u guys are my bestfriend ever

and i realize it's just my selfish way

i'm so sorry

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