Imaginary City

Author: Rain Chudori

GENUINE. The first word ever exists since the first page until the last page I read this book. I remember a friend that also likes to write some piece like Rain wrote in the book. Feels so introvert and we could just drown in it, feel the romanticism, feel the agony, feel the relief. We can just keep reading without knowing what kind of intention in their writings but still feeling something.
I also like daydreaming, having a guardian angel, dating strangers or just walking through the city without any purposes. This book reminds me of my self. I like to walk to a stranger place in Jakarta, just count on Google (I just do not know what my life would be without Google, haha) Map. Visiting cafes, museums, or some noisy concerts. It is always fun being in the crowd where no one will recognize you.

I like to talk aimlessly with someone in strange time and strange place. Even though maybe the someone is not my best friend, I prefer that way, because I will never be able to talk deep things with people surround me. It is very easy to talk with some strange. Sometimes I think I talk alone, my sisters even told me so.

Moreover, it is very easy to imagine the city that Rain creates in the book. She gives us maps along with the book and what I love about is the history. I always love the mystery of something and history is always a mystery. I absolutely fall in love with the conversation. I imagined it a lot but Rain perfectly wrote it into beautiful pieces

“Isn’t that the beginning of love?’ she asked. “Everyone here is in a state of suspension. They are either in love, looking for love, or waiting for love. And it all begins by understanding each other.” (Hal. 87)

I would love to visit the places in Jakarta, another time.

Sometimes, he was like the city itself: loud, chaotic, and full of color, which made it even more difficult for her to parse through everything around him, and truly know what lied beneath. (Hal. 61)

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